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Tips to Make Home Buying a Happy Process

Spring is here and it’s time to put away the winter clothes and start on your to do list: spring cleaning, vacation, or buying a new home. Five tips to make the home buying a happy process.

The right real estate agent

The key to a successful home buying experience to find a qualified local agent that understands the Miami ever changing markets. With the internet, you can easily find reviews of all local Miami real estate agents. All you need is to dedicate a little time to filter out the ones that don’t fit your criteria. Give agents a call don’t only rely on reviews online. Talk to him/her and see what they have to offer. Remember you will be spending quite some time with this real estate agent make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Location X 3

“Location, Location, and Location”, these are the key factors when it comes to buying real estate. Some new home owners buy a home out of their target location just because they like the tiki hut in the backyard. Don’t make a choice that you will regret later. Be patient a house will pop up and you will know it.

Online Open House

With technology at your disposal the home-buying process has completely changed in the past couple of years. Buyers are taking advantage of the 3-D tours or videos real estate agents place on the web. According to Zillow Group Report 78.1% use an online resource during the hunt for a new home.

Your buying a project, not a home

Home buyers looking to buy a fixer-upper can end up spending way more than a turn key home or a new construction. If your not experienced in home repairs taking on a project can become a stressful situation. It’s not like on TV, they do not show the stresses of searching for contractors, unforeseen repairs, etc.

Look at the bones of the home and make sure that you hire a reputable home inspector. Remember a home inspection does not protect you 100% as it is mostly a visual inspection.

Be a cash buyer

Cash is King! Seller are usually more incline to accept a cash offer even if it is slightly less than the  asking price over a contract contingent to a loan approval.

But if cash is not an option make sure your pre-approved with a DU(Desktop Underwriting) status. This will increase your odds in getting an approved contract.

Inspection time

Don’t let a small problem turn into a huge and costly problem. Try to bring in various experts in their respective fields to inspect your home. Electrician, plumber, roofer, etc. Even though they might charge you a service call fee but you will have peace of mind that your home is in great shape. You can also negotiate any needed repairs prior to closing.

Safety first

Your family’s safety is priority one. Remember to change locks or re-key all exterior doors. Also change alarm codes and garage codes. You never know who might have a spare key.

Common repairs

It is recommended to do any repairs prior to moving in. An empty house is easier to work in and the job will get done faster. Complete the repairs you know how to do and leave the bigger jobs to the professionals.

When hiring professionals make sure that they are licensed and insured for your protection. Read reviews if available online or ask your new neighbors if they recommend anyone.  Make sure the scope of work is written out in a contract prior to commencing with completion dates.

Add the finishing touches

Making a home yours is the best part of buying a home. Create personal touches such as paint colors, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, or add a more personal touch with a pallet wall. Your home is your canvas.

Ready to start home shopping? Check out our Miami Home Buyers Guide for advice and tools.

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