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5 cool home features that make buyers balk

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CHICAGO – Oct. 21, 2015 – Several amenities often viewed as favorites by homeowners may actually make the home more difficult to sell.® recently highlighted a few “awesome features” that can limit your buyer pool. Such as:
Nearby retail. Some buyers are drawn to restaurants and bars within walking distance, as well as easy access to major thoroughfares. But unless the area is mostly urban, sellers may find it a more difficult sale to people who want their home to be a getaway.”Homes that are on busy streets command less value than interior homes,” says Bob Ripp, a real estate appraiser in Fort Collins, Colo.
A swimming pool. In some warm-climate cities, such as Florida, an in-ground pool is practically a necessity. But in mild or cold climates, swimming pools don’t always give sellers an advantage. “There are several instances where pools detract from the home,” says Ripp, such as when it requires significant maintenance compared with the amount of year it is usable.
Big renovations. Owners who over-improve homes may also not see a big payoff in the end. If no other homes in the neighborhood have features like high-end granite countertops or a fancy landscaped yard, homeowners may not see their high-end upgrades appreciated by buyers when they sell. They may also price themselves out of the market – and some buyers may not be drawn to the fanciest home on the block.
Big – or small – backyard. A giant backyard may be great for the homeowner, but some buyers will consider it extra maintenance. On the other hand, if the backyard is too small – particularly with zero privacy and barriers – some buyers may hate that too. “The size of the yard can be a very big factor,” says Amy Cook, a real estate professional in San Diego. “Some people actually don’t want any maintenance and prefer to have a very small yard. Others want a yard for their kids or want privacy. … Many homes get nixed because of the lack of privacy with other houses right beside it.”
Tile flooring. Tile floor can be one of the most difficult flooring types to remove, and if buyers don’t like it, they may consider the remodeling work too costly and time consuming. “Tile is very difficult and expensive to change, and often what owners choose just isn’t very attractive,” says Cook. “Basic white, dated tile is usually a big turn-off for buyers.”
Source: “7 Awesome Features That (Surprise!) Might Make Your House Harder to Sell,”® (Oct. 19, 2015)
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