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Agents can no longer ignore 'smart home' listings

CHICAGO – Sept. 24, 2015 – Real estate agents’ understanding of smart home devices can differentiate them in the minds of buyers and sellers, especially as the availability of the technology widens and costs decline.
More buyers expect smart home devices to be installed, and more homeowners are installing them. Within the next few years, they could become a common household presence.
Among the devices high on buyers’ wish lists is Nest, a thermostat system that learns an individual’s behaviors and adjusts temperatures accordingly.
Meanwhile, smart lock company August developed a way to send virtual keys to other people’s smartphones. The device, which installs on the back of a door, uses a Bluetooth connection.
For its part, Cree is now offering 60-watt bulbs that last 25,000 hours and cost $15 apiece. Even more impressive, the lights are controllable from an individual’s phone via hubs that cost about $50. “You can very inexpensively help the homeowner improve lighting and efficiency,” says Chad Curry, managing director of the Center for Real Technology at the National Association of Realtors, saying Realtors can explain that to buyers and “it will make you stand out.”
It’s estimated that between 26 billion and 50 billion smart home devices will be connected by the end of the decade, with the most common ones targeting home access, heating and cooling, and lighting.
A recent poll of approximately 4,000 adults conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET found that 81 percent would be more likely to purchase a house if smart technology were already in place. Last month, a panel at Inman’s Tech Connect suggested that such devices as automated window treatments, which shut when the sun hits, and refrigerators that remind home occupants when it is time to buy more milk, will become a reality by 2020.
Source: Inman News (09/02/15) Pisor, Erik
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