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Celebrity home swapping in Los Angeles

Celebrity home swapping in Los Angeles
A-listers trade homes among themselves, creating properties with storied pasts
September 28, 2016 09:45AMBy Cathaleen Chen

From the L.A. print issue: No other ritzy real estate market has such a high concentration of celebrities — block by block — as the most desirable zip codes in Los Angeles. The American film industry was born here, after all, and countless directors, producers, agents, actors and musical divas call it home. Some of the most pedigreed properties have been owned by a long line of Hollywood honchos, and our roundup of recent deals shows the venerable tradition is alive and well. A boldface name is no guarantee of pricing power, though: Queen of pop Britney Spears and veteran television executive Fred Silverman have both slashed the listing prices for their chic abodes. While Hugh Hefner didn’t get his asking price of $200 million, he still raked in a Hef-ty record-breaking sum. [more]

Source: The Real Deal

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