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Compare your Miami hood’s prices to the rest of the world

Compare your Miami hood’s prices to the rest of the world
Value may be similar to Cannes, Mykonos, Budapest or Dublin
November 09, 2015 05:45PMBy Sean Stewart-Muniz

Miami is hardly a cheap city when it comes to buying a home. Though many still cite our value compared to high-priced hot spots like New York City and San Francisco, buying a two-bedroom residence in some of Miami’s more desirable neighborhoods can quickly cost millions of dollars.
But what about communities off the water, like Biscayne Park or Overtown? And how do our neighborhoods match up when compared to the rest of the world?
To answer that question, the startup NeighborhoodX looked at the average purchase price per square foot for homes and condos in 15 neighborhoods throughout Miami. The group then matched those to some of the world’s most coveted neighborhoods to see how Miami stacks up.
Some interesting comparisons arose: The average $335 per-square-foot price you would pay in Coral Gables would also net you a home in Chiado, an idyllic neighborhood in Portugal’s capital Lisbon. The same goes for Overtown, which has a very similar price to Sanur, a beachfront neighborhood on the Indonesian island of Bali. Where would you rather pack your bags and move?
Check out all 15 comparisons below:

Source: The Real Deal

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