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Ditch the leasing office: Try a food truck

WASHINGTON – Oct. 20, 2015 – A Washington, D.C., developer takes his leasing office on the road. The bright blue truck, called Dwell Direct, doesn’t cater to people looking for something to eat – it offers up leases instead. The “foodless food truck” drives through city streets to local farmers markets, festivals and street corners.
JBG Companies, the real estate developer behind the truck, calls it a true “mobile real estate experience.”
The truck resembles a food truck but it’s actually a leasing office with a sofa, 60-inch touch screen monitor that markets JBG-owned apartment buildings and condos, and iPads. People are invited to sit on the sofa and grab an iPad to scroll through details of each community. The company markets developments that are close to the truck’s current location. JBG staffers inside the truck answer questions about the buildings.
Tiffany Butcher, JBG’s head of residential asset management, told The Washington Post the idea was to take a food-truck concept and apply it to the apartment market to create a “mobile one-stop shop for apartment hunting.”
In April 2014, JBG employees participated in an in-house competition to come up with an innovative new idea to try to jump-start buying or leasing. The food-truck concept was the winning idea.
“Their pitch was it was a creative way we could make a real splash in the apartment market,” Butcher says. “It allows us to go to farmers markets. It allows us to go to festivals. It allows us to go all these places and engage with people who might not otherwise have had this opportunity.”
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