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Ditch your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

NEW YORK – Oct. 11, 2016 – One thing about the Galaxy Note 7 is very clear: Samsung’s latest smartphone is unsafe.
After a week of reports that replacement Note 7 phones were catching on fire from battery issues, the company has seen a wave of backlash. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon have all stopped offering replacement devices. Samsung followed, saying it would ask all global retail partners to stop sales and exchanges.
And the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a stringent warning that consumers should power down and stop using all Galaxy Note 7s as the commission investigates reports of phones overheating and burning in multiple states.
All major carriers, including Sprint, are allowing customers to return Note 7s and exchange them for a phone of their choosing. T-Mobile is even throwing in a $25 bill credit.
Here are a few replacements worth considering:
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIf you really love your Note 7’s water resistance, great camera, wireless charging and crisp display, you should strongly consider the Galaxy S7 Edge ($749.99-$800). Samsung’s top Galaxy S7 phone has a slightly smaller screen and lacks some of the Note 7’s bells and whistles but is as close as you’ll find to the Note 7. Unlike the Note 7, there have been few reports of battery issues.
Apple iPhone 7 PlusThe iPhone 7 Plus ($769) has a large 5.5-inch display, improved camera and offers water resistance. The battery doesn’t last as long, the display isn’t as sharp and water resistance on the Note is better. Oh, and there’s no headphone jack. But it’s a compelling alternative. Apple has a free Android to iPhone app in the Google Play store called “Move to iOS” to help make the process easier.
Google Pixel XLGoogle’s first smartphone ($769) will be out Oct. 20, and like other phones on this list, it has a 5.5-inch display, fast-charging battery that promises nearly 7 hours of charge in 15 minutes, and unlimited storage for photos and videos. It supports Google’s new Daydream virtual reality platform, giving you a replacement for Samsung’s Gear VR.
LG V20The LG V20 ($830 at AT&T) has a 5.7-inch, high-resolution display that matches the Note 7 and features a speedy processor and dual cameras for improved pictures. It features a replaceable battery, a rarity amongst high-end phones. The LG V20 hits T-Mobile and Sprint stores Oct. 28.
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