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LONDON – Nov. 20, 2015 – If you want a quick home sale, find a client named Nigel. But you may want to avoid peopled named Jason.
Home sellers with the names “Nigel,” “Mike” or “Louise” tend to sell their homes the fastest, according to a new study by the House Network, a large online real estate company based in Great Britain. The company researched more than 8,500 house sales in the U.K. in order to rank the top 75 first names based on sales speed.
Sellers named Nigel require 12 percent fewer viewings than the next fastest name in the rankings – Mike. Meanwhile, sellers named Jason take the longest time to sell – nearly double the average number of viewings per sale for a Nigel. The study found that Ben, Nicholas, Colin and Darren also sell homes slowly.
In the list of top 10 slowest selling names, the company found that men’s names tended to dominate. Kate, Lucy and Amanda were the only women’s names in the low category. Sarah and Emma, on the other hand, were top female names.
“Our first Property Market Names report shows a clear correlation between different first names and speed of sale,” says Mark Readings, CEO of House Network. “While we’re not suggesting any Jasons change their name, they certainly lag behind the Nigels and Louises of this world.
“Readings says it’s hard to put a finger on why Nigels are the quickest sellers – maybe it’s subliminal, maybe buyers just like the sound of the name Nigel, who knows!”
Top U.K. seller names
Nigel (average of 9.9 viewings before sale)
Mike (11.2 showings)
Louise (11.28 showings)
Christine (11.3 showings)
Steve (11.6 showings)
James (11.7 showings)
Linda (11.8 showings)
Susan/Craig (12 showings)
Nicola/Ian (12.4 showings
Sharon (12.48 showings)
Source: House Network
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