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Eco-architect creates sustainable home within a greenhouse: VIDEO

Eco-architect creates sustainable home within a greenhouse: VIDEO
Living in glass houses might just be the future after all
March 26, 2016 04:15PM

An eco-friendly house built within a greenhouse

From the New York website: Stockholm is cold. Stockholm is dark for a lot of the year. So growing fresh vegetables in the winter wouldn’t really be possible without the aid of a greenhouse. But one couple has come up with a twist on the standard greenhouse that’s allowing them to do far more than simply grow vegetables.
Stockholm residents Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto live in what they call Naturhus – an environmentally friendly house built within a functioning greenhouse.
Their home was inspired by Swedish the work of eco-architect Bengt Warne, according to Real Farmacy.
The design allows the couple to sunbathe or read a book on their porch in the middle of the harsh Swedish winter while growing fruits and vegetables.
The design works by capturing sunlight to warm the home and growing area during the day. Residual heat is then stored in the bedrock below the house to warm the house at night.
Check out the video below:
[embedded content]
[Real Farmacy] —Christopher Cameron

Source: The Real Deal

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