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Florida Realtors announces new chief economist

ORLANDO, Fla. – Feb. 29, 2016 – Florida Realtors®announces Dr. Brad O’Connor is the state association’s new chief economist and head of its Industry Data and Analysis department.
O’Connor joined Florida Realtors in 2011 to help form the new Industry Data and Analysis department, which provides Realtors, the media and the public with comprehensive Florida real estate statistics, as well as high-quality analysis of issues and trends that impact the state’s economy and real estate industry. Prior to becoming chief economist, he was the director of economic research for Florida Realtors.
O’Connor’s resume includes work on a large-scale, data-driven market and analysis project for The Walt Disney Company; serving as a graduate research fellow for The DeVoe L. Moore Center for the Study of Critical Issues in Economic Policy and Government at Florida State University (FSU); and teaching undergraduate level economics courses at FSU, which earned him several nominations for FSU’s Outstanding Teaching Award for graduate students and lecturers.
He has an undergraduate degree from Ohio State University; he earned his master’s degree and doctoral degree in economics from FSU. O’Connor belongs to several professional associations in his field, including the American Economic Association, the National Association for Business Economics and the Urban Economics Association.
What draws O’Connor to economics and real estate data? He says he sees economics as the marriage of math – a subject he always excelled in – to a practical application of understanding the world.
“Before I became an economics major, I was majoring in architecture,” he recalls. “I’ve always been interested in architecture and housing. When I was little, we moved to the first house completed in a new neighborhood that was in the middle of being built – so I got to play on a lot of construction sites.”
Looking to the future, O’Connor says he hopes to expand Florida Realtors real estate statistics and analyses in ways that are more accessible, interactive and customizable, thus increasing their value to Realtors and other stakeholders.
When not immersed in real estate data and trends, O’Connor stays busy at home with his family. He and his wife Pam are the proud parents of three daughters: Daphne, age 7, Athena, 2, and Sage, 10 months.
Snapshot: Dr. Brad O’Connor, chief economist Florida Realtors
Hobbies: Playing music – I play guitar, piano and saxophone. Of course, with three children, playing with my kids is a favorite hobby!
Favorite music: I have eclectic tastes in music and like all kinds, including ’90s alternative music and punk rock. I played bass in a punk band in college.
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: It’s a tie between pizza and steak – a ribeye, medium rare
Dog or cat person: Actually, I’m allergic to both, but we have a Chihuahua named Stella.
Favorite sports teams: The Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Reds, and of course, The Ohio State Buckeyes
Favorite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny – my daughters and I bond over the old Warner Brothers cartoons.
Favorite superhero: Growing up, I liked Transformers; so Optimus Prime!
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