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Florida’s luster as a retirement haven has faded

Florida’s luster as a retirement haven has faded
LPL Financial ranked retirement states based on weather and five other factors
April 10, 2016 03:30PM

LPL Financial ranks Florida as the 38th most desirable state for retirees.

Florida has more residents age 65 and older than any other state, but on a newly released list of the best states for retirement, Florida is in the bottom tier.
Money Magazine reported that LPL Financial produced a report ranking states as retirement locations based on six factors: weather, the fiscal condition of the state, access to health care and affordable “age-friendly” housing, employment and educational opportunities.
Florida ranked 38th on the LPL list of most desirable retirement states. Virginia ranked first. The Sunshine State had poor scores for housing, employment and education, and life-quality issues that account for traffic congestion and crime.
Eleven cities in Florida are among the 100 most dangerous in the nation, according to
Among “pre-retirees,” or adults who have as many as 20 more working years before retirement, weather is not yet a major factor in preferring one state for retirement over another, LPL reported. [Money] — Mike Seemuth

Source: The Real Deal

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