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Gas pipeline venture files 160 eminent-domain suits

Gas pipeline venture files 160 eminent-domain suits
The joint venture, which includes the owner of FPL, targets 25 properties in Osceola County
March 26, 2016 12:30PM

Map of planned Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline

Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, a joint venture of three utility companies including the parent of Florida Power & Light, filed 160 eminent-domain lawsuits to acquire land for a natural gas pipeline from Alabama through Georgia to Central Florida.
Sabal Trail asserts in its federal lawsuits that it has legal authority under the Natural Gas Act to acquire hundreds of acres in Alabama, Georgia and Florida for its natural gas pipeline project.
Sabal Trail claims construction of its pipeline project must start by June 21, and it must be in service by May 1, 2017. Sabal Trail is a joint venture of Spectra Energy Corp., NextEra Energy Inc., the corporate parent of FPL, and Duke Energy.
The joint venture’s lawsuits targeted 25 properties in Central Florida, most of them in Osceola County.
One of Sabal Trail’s suits, for example, would run its gas pipeline through the mid-section of a 2,400-home development in Osceola County near Intercession City proposed by GreenPointe Communities LLC.
“It’s something I’m fighting every day,” said Gerald McGratty, who oversees property for GreenPointe, told the Orlando Sentinel.  “My engineers have proposed other routes. I’m trying to get Sabal to change it. If they don’t change it, there will be consequences.”
In 2014, natural gas accounted for 61 percent of power generated in Florida, coal for 23 percent and nuclear energy for 12 percent. [Orlando Sentinel] — Mike Seemuth

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