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Gift ideas for millennial homebuyers

NEW YORK – April 29, 2016 – For millennial clients or even first-time buyer friends, step away from the fondue set. Younger adults are the largest demographic of homebuyers right now, and when it comes to housewarming or closing gifts, they generally prefer items that are functional and practical.
Real Estate Today Radio talked to Jane Dollinger about housewarming gifts that younger buyers appreciate and actually use. She offered the following suggestions:
Tech: A Nest Thermostat or a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner are great practical technology gift options. “Gifting something that will help integrate them into their technological world will always be appreciated,” says Dollinger.
Subscriptions: For the non-tech inclined millennial, Dollinger suggests gifting them a year subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a smart option for new owners because it includes entertainment streaming and also saves them on shipping costs for the random things they need for their new home. Monthly subscription box services like Blue Apron, Squix, Urban Organic Gardener or Birchbox are also gift options that keep on giving.
Charitable Donations: According to a recent Millennial Impact Report, 84 percent of millennials last year made a charitable donation. Gifting first-time buyers a donation in their name to a local charity like the Humane Society, the Boys & Girls Club or a food bank taps into the millennial giving spirit and will help them feel like a part of their community.
Source: “Ask the Millennial,” Real Estate Today Radio (April 2016)
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