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Indoor pools sound like the ultimate amenity, but not so fast

Indoor pools sound like the ultimate amenity, but not so fast
On the housing market, a home with an indoor pool can be a tough sell
October 24, 2016 12:00PM

Only a small fraction of the luxury homes listed in the U.S. come with indoor pools. It is an amenity that is as rare as it is controversial. And while it may seem like a special bonus, indoor pools can actual hurt value.
Perhaps surprisingly, indoor pools add little to property values and may be difficult to sell down the road, real estate experts told the Wall Street Journal.
“It’s a highly personalized amenity that requires a lot of maintenance,” appraiser Jonathan Miller said. “That’s not for everybody, but the ones that have it would swear by it.”
Properties with indoor pools priced over $1 million were asking only 4 percent more per square foot than homes without a pool. But homes with indoor pools were actually asking 2 percent less than homes with outdoor pools.
Obviously, the expense of upkeep is a big disincentive for potential buyers. The dehumidification systems alone can cost another $50,000. So if you’re looking to make a splash on the housing market, build your pool outdoors, or maybe not at all.[WSJ] –Christopher Cameron

Source: The Real Deal

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