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Orlando firm lands patent for custom text messages

ORLANDO, Fla. – Dec. 20, 2016 – An Orlando tech company has landed a patent for a system that sends personalized mass text messages to a customer list.
Officials with the four-year-old Texting Base announced Monday that its application for a patent had received the OK from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
The company was started in 2012 by Eric Beans, a former finance technology executive who moved to Orlando in 2005 as part of a mortgage firm. The company, which has five employees now, has landed clients in Puerto Rico, North America and Canada, Beans said.
“I didn’t think there was a high probability that we could get this patent,” Beans said. “Part of me wondered how this could not have happened in the past.”
Texting Base’s patent covers text messages that can be sent to groups of people, with senders able to customize a message to each individual recipient. For example, a retail company with a sale coming up can send shoppers names and previous purchases in a text, instead of one impersonal message to the entire list. That can then be sent out in a personalized text message, using the recipient’s name and perhaps sharing the deal based upon past purchases at the store.
“Businesses are collecting more data,” he said. “They are finding more ways to leverage and monetize that data. It’s a market that will continue to grow.”
Beans said the group text ability should help businesses connect with customers.
“Texting is a very personal form of communication, while group texting has always been impersonal,” he said in a news release.
Texting Base has five employees working out of their homes, both in Central Florida and Baltimore. It went live to the public in 2015.
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