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Pebb Enterprises plane crash victims identified

Pebb Enterprises plane crash victims identified
Among victims: principals Jared Weiner and Ori Rom
November 12, 2015 03:04PM

Ori Rom and Jared Weiner

Eight of the nine people killed in an Akron, Ohio plane crash on Tuesday have been identified, including two Pebb Enterprises principals and four employees.
Boca Raton-based Pebb principals Jared Weiner and Ori Rom, as well as executives Nick Weaver, Gary Shapiro, Thomas Virgin and Diane Smoot were killed, according to West Palm Beach station WPTV. Andres Chavez, the pilot, has also been identified as a victim.
Jared Weiner led Pebb’s growth and development activities. Ori Rom was head of asset management of the firm’s existing portfolio. Thomas Virgin was director of construction. Gary Shapiro was director of leasing. Diane Smoot was the company’s director of lease administration and property accounting.
The family-owned company’s website previously listed 15 employees on its contact page.
Crash in Akron, Ohio (Via NBC News)

All nine people on board a Hawker H25, including two crew members, were killed. They were on a trip scouting properties to buy when the small plane crashed into the apartment complex in Akron on Tuesday afternoon. One crew member has not been identified.
The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident and has recovered the voice recorder. NBC News is reporting that no distress calls were made before the jet veered of and crashed into the apartments, according to the NTSB.
NTSB Vice Chairman Bella Dinh-Zarr said at a press conference in Akron on Thursday afternoon that the plane was intact upon the moment of impact. A cockpit voice recorder captured sounds of impact, she said. Conversation between the co-pilots and the Cleveland air traffic control center was also discovered in the 30 minute recording. The crew discussed approaching runway 2-5 and weather conditions, including the wind at 8 knots.
Dinh-Zarr said NTSB expects to be on the scene for about two more days, or as long as it takes to discover the cause of the crash.
Pebb, a commercial property management firm active in Palm Beach County, issued the following statement on Tuesday:
“Our hearts are broken this morning with the news of the tragic accident that took the lives of two principals and five employees of Pebb Enterprises. We are shocked and deeply saddened for the families, colleagues and friends of those who perished. Our first priority is to give our fullest support to the family members and loved ones of our co-workers. …”
No one was injured on the ground. The group flew on Monday from Florida to Minnesota, then Iowa to Missouri and then to Cincinnati. On Tuesday, they flew to Dayton before the crash. [WPTV] – Katherine Kallergis
This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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