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Ranch for sale comes with cattle and much more

Ranch for sale comes with cattle and much more
The $55 million asking price covers such extras as 29,161 units of frozen bull semen
February 13, 2016 02:00PM

The Southern Cattle Company ranch in Jackson County

The owner of a 13,924-acre ranch in northern Florida listed the land and more than 3,200 head of cattle for sale with a $55 million asking price.
Together with timber-rich land anda herd of cattle, the listed property known as the Southern Cattle Company includes nine homes and a livestock sale barn with an auditorium for auctions, plus other property improvements including multiple barns, sheds and pens, 39 water wells and more than 150 miles of fencing.
The ranch has a spring-fed lake spanning more than 170 acres. It also more than a mile of frontage on the Chipola River, almost three miles on Waddells Mill Creek including a boathouse location, and about 5.7 miles of frontage on Russ Mill Creek.
The Southern Cattle Company ranch is located on Highway 231 about 10 miles northwest of Marianna in Jackson County. The location is 25 miles south of Dothan, Alabama.
The ranch is bordered on the south by the Florida Caverns State Park.
It is bordered on its northeast side by the Greenwood education center of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences,  “with whom Southern Cattle Company has partnered by sending SCC cattle for extensive genetic research for feed efficiency,” according to a description of the ranch in a sales flier.
Among other livestock, the property comes with 90 cutting horses valued at $1 million and 29,161 units of frozen bull semen, also valued at $1 million.
In addition, the sales flier also touts “an abundant population of turkey on the ranch.”

Source: The Real Deal

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