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Sales center showdown

Sales center showdown
The high-stakes battle for buyers plays out in multimillion-dollar tricked-out galleries
November 13, 2015 11:15AMBy Katherine Kallergis

From the October issue: Ever been at the mercy of a bouncer while trying to gain admittance to a sales gallery?
At the VIP launch party last spring for Paramount Miami Worldcenter, more than 1,100 attendees made the attempt, with varying degrees of success, to do just that. The party, replete with what developer Daniel Kodsi claimed was the largest disco ball in the world, included a roped-off entrance and a line of eager guests on a red carpet rivaling the queue for LIV at the Fontainebleau on a Friday night.
The celebration in April marked the opening of a $2 million sales gallery for the still-to-be-built luxury condo tower in Miami’s downtown. Inside, three-dimensional videos with renderings of the project pop up on a 36-screen wall, creating a dynamic backdrop for the 7.5-foot scale model of the 60-story condominium.
Sales centers for luxury condo towers in the preconstruction phase have become as high-tech and high-end as the units themselves. Paramount’s two-story gallery, at 1010 Northeast Second Avenue, includes a curved marble table with customized iPads for clicking on renderings of condos. Visitors can also tour a model unit in person. The sales gallery is where Chanel meets Apple, Kodsi told The Real Deal. [more]

Source: The Real Deal

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