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'Smart home' sellers do more than hand over keys

NEW YORK – Nov. 5, 2015 – The growing number of smart-home devices has created security concerns. The devices are particularly vulnerable to hackers who use them to break into homeowners’ private networks.
They also create new challenges to sellers who must pass the technology off to a new buyer.
The Online Trust Alliance and the National Association of Realtors® recently created a “smart-home checklist” that provides consumers with information to increase the security and privacy because homes that use smart apps and devices to monitor security, temperature and lighting collect personal information about the homeowner.
“Although we enjoy the benefits of a connected lifestyle, we must not lose sight of the risks a smart home may pose to our privacy and physical safety,” says Craig Spiezle, president and executive director of the Online Trust Alliance. “As evidenced by some privacy practices and recent vulnerabilities with smart cars, TVs and baby monitors, consumers need to be aware of and manage smart devices in their homes.”
Spiezle says the “recommendations will help consumers better protect their privacy and identity, and prevent their personal data from falling into the hands of cyber criminals and being sold to the highest bidder.”
The checklist includes an overview of the things a buyer should do before closing, along with steps to take immediately after possession. The checklist includes security precautions – changing passwords, access, etc. – along with checkboxes for security alarms, keyless entry and gate systems, home thermostats, TVs, lighting and other appliances.
Download the Smart Home Checklist from the Online Trust Alliance website.
Source: Online Trust Alliance
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