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Tech Helpline backs 1 in 3 U.S. Realtors

ORLANDO, Fla. – Sept. 23, 2015 – Nearly 400,000 Realtors® throughout the U.S. and Canada now turn to Florida Realtors Tech Helpline for immediate help for their technical issues.
The Tech Helpline is a Realtor service owned by Florida Realtors and based in its Orlando, Fla., headquarters. It has grown to become the real estate industry’s No. 1 technical support team and is used by more than 70 Realtor associations, Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) and real estate brokerage firms.
“Tech Helpline is a service created by Realtors for Realtors,” says Tricia Stamper, director of technology products at Florida Realtors. “Think of us as the Genius Bar for real estate with one huge advantage: Our team of experts understands not just the technology real estate agents and brokers use, they also understand the real estate business. That makes a huge difference because real estate is a highly deadline-driven industry.”
Tech Helpline supports Windows and Mac operating systems, smartphones and more than a dozen different hardware products from computers, monitors and printers, to scanners and storage devices.
“If an agent is having a Wi-Fi issue or needs help exporting contacts from Outlook or Gmail, Tech Helpline is available to help solve problems,” Stamper says.
Unlike many tech support services, Tech Helpline allows agents to ask for assistance with more than one problem on a single call. There is no limit to the number of calls an agent can make and no limit on the length of a call. And since a local MLS, association or brokerage provides the service as a member benefit, there are no agent direct costs. Assistance is offered in both English and Spanish, and the Tech Helpline can be accessed by phone, online chat or email.
Tech Helpline debuted at Florida Realtors in 2001 and has expanded since then.
“When an MLS or association offers tech support, it becomes one of their most popular member benefits. Often one call to the Tech Helpline covers a member’s annual membership dues. That’s a very powerful membership benefit,” Stamper says. “Plus, it’s also remarkably affordable for associations and MLSs.”
Tech Helpline also offers IT services to real estate brokerage firms, targeting broker-owners that cannot afford full-time support staff.
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