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The rise and fall of 10 icons in Miami’s hotel history

The rise and fall of 10 icons in Miami’s hotel history
New Times lists the most iconic Miami hotels that got developed and demolished
April 17, 2016 03:00PM

The 2005 demolition of the Everglades Hotel in downtown Miami (Credit: YouTube)

Wrecking balls have knocked down plenty of properties prominent in the history of Miami’s hotel industry. A retrospective report by New Times recalls the rise and fall of 10 of the Miami’s most iconic hotels, including two demolished in the mid-2000s to make way for downtown redevelopment.
The DuPont Plaza Hotel opened in 1957 and its location along the Miami River was long a centerpiece of downtown Miami. The DuPont was  demolished in 2004 to make way for the EPIC Hotel & Residences.
The Everglades Hotel opened in 1926 at at 253 Northeast 2 Street in Miami. It served as military housing during World War II, and its roof was the site of the first television transmission antennae in Miami. The Vizcayne condominium was erected on the footprint of Everglades after the aging hotel was knocked down in 2005.
Among other hospitality landmarks that disappeared, New Times also recognized the passage of The Senator and The New Yorker, two Art Deco hotels that both opened on Collins Avenue in 1939 and were demolished during the 1980s. [New Times Miami] — Mike Seemuth

Source: The Real Deal

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