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Trump won’t settle with injured brass polisher

Trump won’t settle with injured brass polisher
Despite losing appeals, the Donald is taking the man to trial
October 15, 2016 04:30PM

Trump Palace

From the New York site: In case you weren’t already exhausted by all the mini-scandals piling up around Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, here is a new one. And it can be summed up like this: the Donald loves brass, but he does not love paying brass polishers.
In 2007, Ivan Dorador was preparing to re-lacquer the brass on the Trump Palace Condominium’s façade, when he fell. The scaffolding was just six feet high, but he injured his ankle, back and neck.
But Dorador was made to wait nine years to collect a payout for his injuries, because the Trump company faied to notify their insurance carrier in time, according to the New York Post.
“There’s a clause in every policy that its holder must report a claim in a reasonable period of time,” Dorador’s lawyer, John Dalli, told the Post. “Trump’s camp didn’t do that — an oversight that made it legally responsible for the first $1 million the primary carrier would normally have paid.”
Now, Dorador is finally set to receive a $2.9 million settlement – except that Trump won’t settle and is promising to take the case to trial. That won’t be an especially unusual move except that Trump already lost a 2014 appeal and his insurance company has already agreed to the deal, awarding the injured worker all but $1 million, according to the Post.
That million is owed by the Donald, who faces the possibility of an even larger payout at trail. But then again, it’s like the man said, “I don’t settle.” [NYP] –Christopher Cameron

Source: The Real Deal

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