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WATCH: Top EB-5 experts discuss future of the program

WATCH: Top EB-5 experts discuss future of the program
Industry insiders talk immigration and Trump at The Real Deal’s Shanghai event
November 30, 2016 08:45AMBy Alistair Gardiner

From the New York website: As experts pondered the future of EB-5 during The Real Deal’s second annual U.S. Real Estate Showcase and Forum in Shanghai, the conversation naturally turned to President-elect Donald Trump. Will his tough stance on immigration affect the controversial visa program’s future?
Former New York Gov. George Pataki said the program would have a powerful friend in Trump.
“There’s a lot of misunderstanding on that,” Pataki told TRD managing web editor Hiten Samtani, who moderated the event’s “EB-5 and U.S. Immigration” panel. “Donald Trump won for a lot of reasons — one was his very strong stance against illegal immigration. and often, in the media and in the public, the distinction between legal and illegal immigration gets lost.”
To see more from TRD’s “EB-5 and U.S. Immigration panel, as well as clips from the event’s keynote speeches, click here.

Source: The Real Deal

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